Sunday, May 28, 2017


A few words from the editor, explaining the idea behind this newsletter, it's anticipated obstacles and the proposed measures to overcome them.

Easter Sermon

On April 15, 1990, Archbishop Lefebvre preached his last Easter sermon, encouraging us all to meditate on eternity and to live by God’s laws, in order to obtain eternal bliss with Him in heaven.

Fourth Bishop

On May 11, 2017, bishops Williamson, Faure and Thomas Aquinas will consecrate Fr. Zendejas as a fourth bishop of the Resistance, in order to help provide for the sacramental needs of the Church.

Interview with His Excellency, Bishop Richard Williamson

Bishop Williamson answers a few questions on the upcoming consecration of Fr. Zendejas to become the fourth bishop of the Catholic Resistance.

Perspective and Common Sense

This letter to the editor of the Recusant puts the trials and tribulations of the Resistance in a more Catholic perspective, by using common sense and a healthy dose of realism.

Practical and Faithful

The Archbishop speaks out very clearly against those who try to put themselves under the modernist authorities, and he encourages the faithful to be firm in standing up against these traitors.

Keep the Faith

In our day and age, it almost seems like the Church is in the tomb waiting for God to resurrect Her. So, I would like to present a parallel of faith for us to imitate in Our Blessed Mother and how she reacted to the Death of our Blessed Savior.

Old Things and New Things

Bishop Williamson gives us some insights into the Sixth Age of the Church, the different tactics used by the devil to tempt mankind and the Church's responses to each of them.

The SSPX and Doctrinal Pluralism

In order to be accepted as “they are” by unconverted Rome, and enter into “full communion” with the Conciliar Church, bishop Fellay pursues doctrinal pluralism, aka indifferentism.

Be Ye Perfect

Fr. Greenstock concentrates on essential perfection rather than accidental perfection, as the words of our Lord, "Be Ye Perfect" was not advice from Jesus but rather a command and a statement.